Try to Beat the Clock in These 11 Creative Countdown Examples

Countdown timers are often used in game-based learning, and it’s no wonder why—they bring anticipation and excitement to e-learning courses. Countdown timers create a sense of urgency, tension, and pressure that prompts learners to quickly make a decision. They’re also a great way to simulate real-world tasks that involve time constraints.

Countdown timers don’t always have to look like a typical clock or stopwatch with numbers counting down. You can design a countdown timer that looks like almost anything! That way you can make sure it fits in nicely with your course design. You’ll see in these 11 examples by the inventive members of the E-Learning Heroes community that countdown timers can take the form of your favorite TV characters, circles and other shapes, steering wheels, paw prints, and more. 

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Ready to get the countdown timer started on creating your own example? No pressure! Once you’re finished, submit your work to the E-Learning Challenge. Then go check out more course design inspiration and connect with other e-learning pros over in the Building Better Courses forum.

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