two people working on compliance courses at a coffee shop

The E-Learning Heroes community is always raising the bar when it comes to breathing life into dry topics—such as compliance training.

Any mandatory training is likely to make learners a little apprehensive. But an e-learning pro knows how to engage an audience by putting them at the center of the action, approaching course content from a new direction, or simply breaking walls of text into easy-to-read snippets.

See how these compliance course examples use instructional and visual design techniques to draw learners’ attention into the experience.

  • Montse Anderson puts the “hip” in HIPAA with this beautifully designed course example.
  • Jackie Van Nice centers this sexual harassment course example around characters rather than policies to make content more relatable.
  • This example by Tamara Kravitz and Dana Hall proves there’s nothing that puppies can’t make better.
  • The illustrated videos and scannable content in this Rise example by Upside Learning help learners quickly understand the principles of a multicultural workplace.
  • This example from Matthew Guyan explores the impact of several common responses to workplace bullying.

Be sure to check out our E-Learning Examples hub to find more samples of compelling compliance training courses.

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