Expand Your Horizons with These 9 Interactive Map Examples

As an e-learning developer, how do you get yourself on the map? You develop great e-learning. And these nine interactive map demos are just that! Some use clean design, others use video and illustration, and a few use completely unorthodox themes like sketches of landmarks on the backs of cocktail napkins. But they all have one thing in common: they make learning fun.

  • Check out Jackie Van Nice’s prioritized activities demo for an example of how sorting location-based activities in order of priority can help sightseeing anywhere seem manageable.
  • Explore Melissa Milloway’s emoji map demo to see how symbols can be very useful in helping learners get acclimated to a foreign land.
  • Check out Joanna Kurpiewska’s napkin sketch map demo for an example of how thinking way outside the box can make your e-learning activity both engaging and memorable.

Extending your stay? Add your very own map example to the Interactive Maps E-learning Challenge. And don’t miss our E-Learning Examples Hub for great demos of everything you can do with Articulate Studio and Articulate Storyline 2.